Dive a Little Deeper into the World of Flatglass Rooflights From Roofglaze


Dive a Little Deeper into the World of Flatglass Rooflights From Roofglaze

Roofglaze Flatglass Rooflights

Roofbase has partnered with our friends at Rooflglaze to enhance our material offering to customers with their leading Flatglass rooflight daylight solutions for all kinds of private and public sector applications – from standard rooflights to custom bespoke skylights.

Flatglass rooflights provide a bright, naturally-lit interior and reduce the requirement for artificial lighting. Daylight has many advantages over artificial light; not least the fact that it is a free and unlimited natural resource. While artificial light is essential, it uses a lot of energy. Reducing its requirement dramatically lowers energy use, and the CO2 emissions resulting from this. To view our full range, take a look at our ebrochure.

We’ve put Roofglaze under the microscope below – asking key questions about their Flatlight rooflight solutions to inform roofing and building contractors why they should consider Roofglaze when it comes to adding light to any building & roofing project.

Describe Roofglaze in one sentence:

A market-leading designer, manufacturer and installer of rooflights for all types of projects.

What makes Roofglaze rooflights unique from any of its competitors?

In-house design and manufacturing capabilities. We can create bespoke rooflights to meet the exact design brief and requirements of your project.

Do Roofglaze products come with any guarantees / accreditations?

View a full list of accreditations here:

Are there any unique properties about the glass used within your products?

Flatglass rooflights have excellent thermal-efficiency, watertightness and weathertightness as standard. Roofglaze can also manufacture bespoke rooflights with specialist glass to satisfy specific U-value and Non-fragility requirements, as well as offering additional solar control, obscure, privacy, Secured by Design and easy-cleaning glass options.

Are there any unique properties about the glass used within your products?

Can Roofglaze rooflights save money in the long term?

Yes, the fully thermally-broken frame design contributes significantly to the overall excellent thermal-efficiency of Flatglass rooflights. Combine the energy-saving benefits with the already competitive pricing and these rooflights are a very cost-effective daylighting solution.

Can Roofglaze rooflights be used on all building types?

Yes – more information is available here.

What are your most frequently asked questions (and answers) by building and roofing contractors?

Questions usually relate to the size of the rooflight (external kerb dimensions vs. opening / daylight size), as well as the construction of the kerb for the rooflight (pitch, height, thickness, insulation, etc.)

Do you provide window replacements?

Yes – although the reason for replacement will decide whether this is covered under warranty.

Need technical advice, a quotation or up-to-date product availability on our Roofglaze Flatglass Rooflights product range? Contact your local merchant where our experienced team will provide on-the-job advice to support your roofing projects.

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