Introducing the Flexitec 2020 Roofing System


Introducing the Flexitec 2020 Roofing System

Introduction to Res-Tec 

Established in 2013 as a subsidiary of the Roberts GroupRes-Tec provides a range of services and products for the GRP, composites and roofing industries. Res-Tec Roofing Systems is a branch of Res-Tec that supplies roofing products to the distributor and merchant markets.

The team behind Res-Tec Roofing Systems includes some of the most experienced and respected individuals from a broad range of sectors including polyester resin development and manufacture, composites, polyurethanes and liquid roofing systems. This unique blend of expertise allows Res-Tec to offer a versatile set of services and products tailored to their clients’ requirements.


Introducing: Flexitec 2020

Our Flexitec 2020 roofing system is a single resin flexible polyester based liquid waterproofing GRP reinforced with 225g chop strand matting whilst being flexible & durable to accommodate potential movement of roofs and again provides unrivalled performance at exceptional value. We believe that Flexitec 2020 truly is “The future of GRP” as Flexitec is able to coat all common roof surfaces such as felt, concrete, asphalt, GRP and timber, we are proud to have manufactured the first flexible GRP available to the merchant market.

Flexitec 2020 Applications


We always suggest thoroughly assessing the condition of a roof prior to considering it for overlay with Flexitec 2020. Bear in mind, a “sick roof” will always remain a sick roof and we strongly advise against overlaying a roof that is defective, decayed or has signs of trapped moisture.  These roofs should always be stripped and re-decked as required. To be sure the roof is suitable for an overlay, carry out core tests so you can confirm the existing build-up is sound. 

Flexitec 2020 can coat almost any common roof surface. However, if you’re unsure what’s on the roof we always advice adhesion tests to confirm compatibility. 

You can read more about this on our manual which you can access online at 

New Builds 

Flexitec 2020 is equally suitable for new build applications, where the system can coat OSB3 boards and innovative Res-Tec’s SA Carrier Layer – a self-adhesive membrane that is bonded to tissue-faced insulation for a rapid warm roof solution, without the need for mechanical fixings. Always make sure the new roof build-up complies with BS 5250 guidelines “Control of Condensation in Buildings” and Part L regulations  before you start.

Balconies & Walkways

Flexitec2020 is available with tough impact resistant finishes suitable for all balcony flooring and walkway applications. They can be used for new build or refurbishment projects and are easily cleaned and maintenance-free. Anti-slip grits can be incorporated within the systems to provide slip resistance and surface wear protection and alternatively the membranes are also fully compatible with timber decking, paving slabs or podium finishes.

Green roofs

With their many environmental and practical benefits and their ability to increase the likelihood of a successful planning application, green roof systems are becoming more and more popular. Flexitec 2020 is seamless, maintenance-free, light-weight and exceptionally long-lasting, making it the ideal green roof base.

Benefits of Flexitec 2020

Benefits for contractors

Benefits to end user 


For more information please visit Res-Tec Roofing System’s website at where you will find everything you need to assist you with installation. 

Flexitec 2020 – available now in your local branch.


We also stock a wide range of additional accessories, such as thermal insulation, fixings, clamps and much more – just contact your local branch for more details.

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